Let us think about it !!

I would like to use this place to gather my thoughts and reflect back on them. I belive I need that kind of thinking which I forgot I can do.. I will try to make a sincere effort though.

Friday, October 21, 2005


Again trying to flock .. I mean blog from flock.

Blogging from Flock

I am posting this blog without going to blogger website. Nice isn't it? Thats the concept behing Flock, a new web browser. Its still in testing phase.

Monday, October 03, 2005

IITians are slaves of US !!!

Shocked?? Well at least I was .. when a senior officer in the IIT academic section told me this. My offence being asking him if I can get a letter which can validate the photocopies of my transcripts. His answer totally bowled me over. He was obstinate enough to tell me that I should not apply to US. The analogy he made was even better. He compared this situation to getting an RBI note authenticated. Now who is being insupportive here? My own institute or the US univerity which he alleged make their own rules without thinking of anything else. Now he could have simply told me that the academic section doesn't give any such letters but he tried to impose his judgement and thinking on me and I certainly din't like that. Who would when such an irresponsible allegation is made !!
I don't know what our professors have against people going to US. I agree that the brain drain is definitely happening but then they should do something to prevent it and not just scream at people who are going to US. I think that the best research happens when your guide is actively involved in it and exactly the opposite takes place in these prime technology insititutions in India. Now how can you expect a person to stay here when all he wants to do is good research irrespective of the place he is in. Give him that opportunity and who won't like to stay in his own country? After all we have our families here, our friends - the people we love and the ones who matter.

Bitwise International Reach !!

Bitwise is the annual time constrained programming contest organised by Computer Science and Engineering Department of IIT Kharagpur. We enjoy the participation of over 20 foreign countries and more that 2000 teams from all around the globe. This years bitwise will be in February,06. More details can be reached at Bitwise website.

Expecting all those programming geniuses out there to be there in this years competition.Big prizes to be won !!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

No messenger client needed

Hey this is a new site which provides you the bility of Gaim or Trillian without actually downloading any client. You can sign in to Yahoo, MSN, Google or AIM on this website. You can chat with your friends easily. I haven't still checked if you can Voice-chat or not. The interface is much better that E-messenger

Check out Meebo and happy chatting :)